Zakir Hussain

8 Nov

Last week I took Zoey to a concert I had to attend for one of my classes.  I had never heard of him before, but in the program he was called an indian percussion virtuoso and a world music star.  He sat cross-legged and played drums while another man named Niladri Kumar played a sitar.  It was really fun to bring Zoey too – I thought of it as a Mommy-Daughter Date so I was really excited.  Some people were bugged when I walked in with a baby, but she was super good!  She kept trying to stand up in my lap and would jibber-jabber at me or chew on her fingers – and then all of a sudden she would stop and listen.  I think she liked the drums. 

 Afterwards I stopped by the cheerleading house to visit my friends from school!  It was really good to see them. 

Jenn, Britt, Zo & I, Jenna, Sammy and Mackenzie.  Miss you guys!

One Response to “Zakir Hussain”

  1. Jenna November 17, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    so adorable! she is just a doll meg. Can’t wait to see you guys again 🙂 hopefully it is soon! ❤

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