Things I love about Zoey right now..

14 Nov

  • She tries to eat anything and everything – especially if it’s in your hands.
  • How she loves to rub Paul’s beard.
  • How she rolls over all the time – but then looks at me with those puppy eyes because she needs help flipping  back over.
  • That she loves being outside and looking at all the colors.
  • How she holds my hand while she’s falling asleep.
  • How she loves Tanner and doesn’t mind one bit when he gives her kisses.
  • That she gets excited when we come home from school or work.
  • That she has so much fun playing in the water when she takes a bath.
  • How she loves Olivia and Lucas and thinks they’re the most interesting people ever.
  • How she grabs your face and gives you “kisses”.
  • That she is such a happy baby and smiles all the time.

One Response to “Things I love about Zoey right now..”

  1. amy November 15, 2010 at 12:10 am #

    That was sweet meg – I love remembering things like that, they grow and change so fast.

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