As we go on, we remember..

16 Aug

Last weekend we drove down to Pennsylvania for my cousin Jillena’s graduation party.  We usually rotate Christmas Eve at their house – so it was a little weird being there with no snow on the ground!  It was Zoey’s first time at Uncle Joe and Aunt Julie’s, and it made me reminisce of all the good times I had with my cousins there when we were younger.  Sledding down the hill, jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek and just being silly together..  It makes me happy to think that all of her memories here are just beginning and I’m going to do my best to capture every moment.  


Kelsey, Jilly and I

Zo and cousin Victoria


Jill’s beautiful Senior pics..

There were tons of awesome old pictures of when Jilly was little – including this one of her and I as cats?


Congratulations Jill – we love you!


One Response to “As we go on, we remember..”

  1. Elly August 16, 2011 at 12:31 am #

    Meg, Zoe is TOO CUTE–I can’t even stand it! And her hair is finally getting long! I loved your introduction to these photos, too, as it gave them a really interesting perspective. It seems like you are loving spending this summer with your family, which I am so happy to see. I miss and love you all!

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