Fall Goodies

1 Oct

Britt and I took the littles to the Fall Fest a town over to look at all of the crafts, eat some fried food and go on a few kiddie rides.  She ended up winning Brayden a stuffed animal  – and made out with a ton of super cute fall decorations!

I ended up only buying a Miami Dolphins pillow (which matches absolutely nothing in our house – but was a big hit with Paul) and Zoey fell asleep before we hit any of the rides – but she sure loved the fried dough.  I think she was in a food coma..

I love Fall! Seriously cannot wait to go back to Tim’s Pumpkin Patch before we move..

One Response to “Fall Goodies”

  1. jessi October 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    Here from the blog hop! Fall has to be one of my FAVOURITE seasons! I love everything about it!!! We just went to a pumpkin patch today, actually. First time I’ve been in a LONG time and it will definitely be happening at least once more before fall is over, and definitely next year too 😉

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