What a small world

14 Nov

Laura’s friend Carolyn got married yesterday and a few weekends ago I went to her bachelorette party!  Here are all the girls (minus Tanya) at the wine festival – Brittany, Samantha, Carolyn, Denise, Laura and I.

 (Who knew in Florida you still wore boots, jackets and scarves in the Fall?! I was clueless and obviously very under dressed. : )

The Bride To Be!

After the festival we went to a club in Tampa!  We found out there was a bachelor party going on too which explained all of the guys in white hats..

So the club was split into three different rooms.. and I just happened to see my friend Caitlind a few feet away from us! I flipped out when I saw her..  We went to middle school together when I lived in New Hampshire!  She was one of my really good friends.

What a small world – right?

 Congratulations Carolyn!


Guess what?!

13 Nov

My mom will be here in exactly ONE WEEK!  We’re picking her and Tom up from the airport in Tampa next Sunday night and I can’t tell you how excited I am.  She has to work for a few days with Paul but after that we’ll be driving to Merritt Island to spend Thanksgiving with the Bennetts!  It’s been pretty hard being here without any family around so I am so pumped for next week – it couldn’t come soon enough!

Can’t wait to see you Momma!

Television – It’s consuming me!

10 Nov

So when we lived in NY we canceled our cable because we never watched it – any show we liked we could watch online!  Well in our new place down here we got a discount on cable so we thought – why not?

Holy crap. I have found so many new shows – and because I’m like six episodes behind in most – I’ve found myself staying up hours after Zo and Paul go to sleep catching up on them!

That’s twelve shows that I try to keep up with now! I was used to only watching three online – if that! Is this normal – because I’m feeling a little TV crazy and think I might need to ditch a few..

How many shows do you watch?

Wordless Wednesday: My Everything

9 Nov

(linking up: the paper mama, and then she snapped, jenni from the blog)

Sims Park

8 Nov

We’ve been trying to find nearby places where Zo can play outside – and found Sims Park!  It reminded me of the wooden one I used to play at when I lived in New Hampshire – and Hoopes Park back at home because of its path surrounding a pond with a fountain.  Zoey loved crawling in the little tunnels, the tire swing and the slides – but I think most of all she loved just climbing up and down the many wooden stairs and “towers”.  I think we’ll go back soon..


(It really bothers me her buckle was too low but it was too cute not to share!)

Trick or Treat!

7 Nov

Sorry this post is a week late! This year Halloween was definitely different – last year we didn’t get to go trick or treating but were able to show Zo off to the family – whereas this year we were far from home but Zo was old enough to trick or treat!


Zoey was definitely a little hesitant at first – but once she realized she got candy at each house she was all for it! We had to take her hand out of the bowls because she just kept grabbing more and more.  She was amazed by all of the kids dressed up too – we had to pick her up and move out of the way a few times because she would just stand in the middle of the sidewalk and stare up at everyone.  Here’s a few pictures of our night!

Red Lobster

4 Nov

..was obviously a success!  Along with the endless amount of shrimp Paul and Jonathan ordered – was the ketchup and ranch dressing we gave Zoey to dip her food (and all of ours) in.  Which of course ended up in her hair, all over her face, her clothes, our clothes, the seat cushion, floor.. I could go on and on.

She’s a crazy one – and we love it.

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