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Airfest 2011

17 Nov

A few weekends ago we went with Jonathan and Laura to the air show at the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.  I couldn’t believe how many people were there!  The lines to walk through each plane were insane.  When we actually got inside the pilot would tell us about their history – in one plane you could still see sand in the keyboards from being in Iraq just a few weeks beforehand. There were tents filled with special warfare that the guys had fun ogling over too, and the actual air show was amazing. I have so many pictures from the day but here are a few!


You could tell Zoey was a little nervous at first from all of the loud noise, but then she was in awe every time a plane flew by.


Waiting in line to sit in the helicopter Zoey wouldn’t leave this poor kid alone..

Definitely wasn’t expecting that last plane..



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