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Florida Aquarium.. Part 1?

2 Dec

While Mom and Paul were at work the first fews days before we left for the Bennett’s – Tom, Zoey and I found some fun things to do! Monday we went to the Florida Aquarium, back to Clearwater Beach then got home just in time to pick up the hard workers and head to Longhorn for dinner.

(When I first saw this picture I thought the mermaid had uneven cleavage..  But nope – just Zo’s hair!)



So.. I have more pictures of the aquarium and the beach but WordPress won’t let me upload any more until I pay for an upgrade! I didn’t realize there was a limited amount of space I could use when I first signed up.  Any advice?  Is it worth it to pay for an upgrade and stick with WordPress or should I transfer everything to Blogger? Or does Blogger make you pay once you reach your limit too?  Help!

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