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I miss this..

28 Oct






I’m in Liv and Luc withdrawal.. and I’m pretty sure Zoey is too.


A perfect day for the park

4 Sep

Connor and I took the littles to the park earlier this week – he is so good with them!  Olive kept calling him her bestfriend – then when she was talking to a kid by the swings she referred to Con as her husband.  Luc wanted to do everything he did – and would let Con help him around the playground when he wouldn’t let me.  And of course Zo loves him – he’s always been the one she gives kisses to when no one else can get one.  He’s such a good uncle.  Liv and Luc had been at Disneyworld for a while so it was really nice to be able to see them everyday and get back into the swing of babysitting.  We missed them!








The three munchkins

1 May

Julie got a new job at the hospital a few weeks ago so I’ve been babysitting in the mornings – Monday through Friday from 6:30-11ish! The kids have a lot of fun together and it’s so nice that Zo gets to spend so much time with her cousins.  I finally remembered my camera the other day and got some cute pics.

Lucas and his oatmeal..

Zoey pretending to fly..

and Liv being adorable as always..

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