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Take me out to the ball game..

25 Aug

Last night we took the boys and met Dave & Kristine and my Mom & Tom at the Syracuse Chiefs game.  The last time I had been to the stadium was years ago when I was working the concession stand to fundraise for my cheerleading team!  We didn’t get a chance to actually watch the game with Zoey trying to escape the stands the majority of the night.. but it was still fun!



The end of baseball

9 Jul

It was really fun taking Zoey to watch Dev play baseball this year.  She would either be tranfixed by the pitcher throwing the ball, laughing with Con, trying to get out of our reach to hold on to the fence, or snuggling with my Mom.  Dev had an awesome season and we can’t wait to watch him play again next year!

Boxes and baseball

1 May

Yesterday we helped Dave and Kristine move into their new house! Before the camera was misplaced we got some of Zo helping me pack up the kitchen..

Then we went to Dev’s first baseball game.  He did awesome – right when we got there he hit a triple!

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