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Reeses and Sweet Kisses

5 Sep

Paul, Justin and I went on a bike ride the other day.  We had our hearts set on Skaneateles for some Doug’s Fish Fry – but didn’t want to get stuck biking on Rt 20 in the dark so we settled for Reeses.  Besides me losing the guys for a good 20 minutes without a cellphone, it was a good ride!  They ate burgers, I had a chicken sandwich then we got some icecream for the way home. We had gone 10 miles before – but for some reason this time was a lot harder for me.  Paul thought it was easy peasy but my legs were aching later that night!  Guess this was a wake up call.


Then we came home to this munchin..


A Sunny Day

24 Aug

Yesterday we went on a bike ride with my brothers then went swimming at Nona’s pool.  With school starting up again next week, it made me a little sad to think these could be the last warm and sunny days of Summer..

These videos are pretty short – but we couldn’t believe how fearless Zo was jumping in and how well she was doing with the floaties on!  I already can’t wait to see how she does with a little more strength and experience  in the water next year.

Zoey’s first bike ride!

22 Aug

Nona let us borrow her baby carrier and Dora helmet so we could take Zo on a bike ride.  It was so much fun – I can’t believe we waited until the end of Summer to do it!   We ended up going over 10 miles – and besides a few bumps in the road that annoyed her – she loved it! 

We couldn’t get a still shot of Zo with the helmet on – it was kind of like her love/hate relationship with life jackets.  Once I stopped riding the bike and she realized we weren’t moving – she wanted that helmet off!  Here we are taking a breather when we stopped by Monique’s work.

It was so hot outside – a pit stop at Green Shutters for some icecream was a must..

Daddy, Zo and an icecream goatee.


Mmm rainbow sprinkles..


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