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Dancing in the dark

3 Oct

To celebrate Julie and Derb’s birthdays we went to a dance club at the Turning Stone Casino called Lava! The girls went for a 50’s themed outfit while Pauly and Kev tried to reenact the Sandlot. (He even bought PF Flyers!) While the ladies got ready the guys tried their luck with the casino – then we all met up for dinner afterwards and headed to the club – it was a really fun night out!

Britt, Julie, Vicki, Derbs, Tina and I..




Two Turning Two

20 Sep

Brayden and Lucas share the same birthday – and on September 12th they turned two!  Looking through old pics I found this one of them.. Zoey was still in my belly and they were less than a year old!

The Sunday before we were able to go to both parties – two completely different themes but equally as cute and fun!!  I can’t believe these little guys are already so big!










JAM turns one!

31 Aug

Justin and Monique’s son James turned 1 last week!  The party was held in the Moshaty’s backyard – seriously the best yard ever, so jealous!  It was a beautiful day and so fun to watch the littles run around and play.












18 Jul

Justin and Monique’s son Sam turned 13 yesterday!  Here’s the birthday boy taking a break from playin frisby..

Sam’s brother James snoozin’ away..

Daddy and Zo


Some of us girls..

This dog got lots of lovin from Zo and Brayd..


Justin, Pauly and Kev..


James finally woke up!

Happy Birthday Sam!


Olive’s Birthday!

13 Jul

Paul’s neice turned four last weekend and had a super cute tea party themed birthday!

There was a mirror and bin full of dress up clothes the kids could play with.  Here’s Liv in her princess dress and clown nose  : )

Landon and Oliver bein’ boys..

My sunscreen greased, strawberry stained baby who kept those shades on way longer than expected! : )

Liv’s dad Steve and cousin Jess who’s here from California!

Zoey was in awe of all the balloons.. and maybe Landon too!

Liv showing her awesome hostess skills..

The party was held at Marcellus park –  Zo and James were lovin the swings.

So cute.

The awesome (and super yummy) birthday cake Julie made!

Liv was so sweet – always had to find the card first and was so excited after unwrapping each present.

Liv and her sweet new ride!

CJ’s House of Bounce

8 Jul

Zoey’s party wasn’t until the weekend after her birthday – so we went to Camillus the day of to bounce around, eat some pizza and watch her get messy with some birthday cake!

The bouncy houses made it a little difficult to get good pics of the kids – but you can still tell they had fun!

Happy 1st Birthday Zoey!

22 Jun

We went to Cj’s House of Bounce and she had a blast!  We’ll post the pics soon!

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