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I miss this..

28 Oct






I’m in Liv and Luc withdrawal.. and I’m pretty sure Zoey is too.


The Adirondacks Part 2

26 Oct

After the kids woke up from their nap on Saturday we drove to Raquette Lake – a place Paul’s family used to camp when he and Julie were little.  It was beautiful and really fun to be somewhere the family shared so many memories..

Trying to get a picture of all three kids went like this..


Luc was on a mission..

Family shots

A bear photo shoot the next morning..

One last look before we left..

Then we headed into town to look around the shops at eat some lunch before we hit the road..


The Adirondacks Part 1

25 Oct

The weekend before we left for Florida we took a trip to the Adirondacks with Paul’s Fam!  Rusty rented a super cozy and nice cabin for us all to stay in.  The first day we just hung out together and relaxed – We let the kids run around the cabin, ate Julie’s yummy chili for dinner  then got to talk by the fire when the kids went to sleep.




Saturday morning we woke up to breakfast Steve cooked then caught the Train just in time! We were a little distracted by the deer we saw when we opened the car door..



We gave the kids skittles so they would sit still – but I think it backfired because as soon as we tried to snap a picture they would be chewing or already asking for another!

Halfway through the train ride it stopped at a pumpkin patch and let all of the kids pick one out..





We love Olivia’s stories.. she’s so funny

These Three

6 Sep


A perfect day for the park

4 Sep

Connor and I took the littles to the park earlier this week – he is so good with them!  Olive kept calling him her bestfriend – then when she was talking to a kid by the swings she referred to Con as her husband.  Luc wanted to do everything he did – and would let Con help him around the playground when he wouldn’t let me.  And of course Zo loves him – he’s always been the one she gives kisses to when no one else can get one.  He’s such a good uncle.  Liv and Luc had been at Disneyworld for a while so it was really nice to be able to see them everyday and get back into the swing of babysitting.  We missed them!








As we go on, we remember..

16 Aug

Last weekend we drove down to Pennsylvania for my cousin Jillena’s graduation party.  We usually rotate Christmas Eve at their house – so it was a little weird being there with no snow on the ground!  It was Zoey’s first time at Uncle Joe and Aunt Julie’s, and it made me reminisce of all the good times I had with my cousins there when we were younger.  Sledding down the hill, jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek and just being silly together..  It makes me happy to think that all of her memories here are just beginning and I’m going to do my best to capture every moment.  


Kelsey, Jilly and I

Zo and cousin Victoria


Jill’s beautiful Senior pics..

There were tons of awesome old pictures of when Jilly was little – including this one of her and I as cats?


Congratulations Jill – we love you!

Another great day

25 Jul

After Paul got home from work today we headed straight for the lake – and arrived just in time for tubing! 

Pauly, Mike, Devon, Connor, Anthony and little Ian all rotated in..

While Parker, Zoey and I stayed in the boat and laughed at all their wipe outs.. 


We ate delicious ribs for dinner, watched Zo run around with Ian (he is so good with her!) and she was asleep before we left Gramma’s driveway.. 


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