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Zoey’s new ‘do!

30 Oct


Wordless(ish) Wednesday – An encounter with a caterpillar

5 Oct

Zoey was so mesmerized by the green bug that Gramma put on her leaf – she brought it over and just kept looking at the caterpillar then back at us over and over again – as if she was thinking “What is this thing!?” We’re really going to miss coming to Gramma and Grampa’s lake house..

And a Florida update – We finally got the call yesterday!  We got approved for the apartment we applied for in New Port Richey! It was such a relief to hear the news.. we were just starting to worry and brainstorm what other places we could apply for.  It’s a two bedroom place located just ten minutes from Paul’s work and it has a dog park too which I think will really help out with Tanner.  So happy to have this checked off our list!

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These Three

6 Sep


Reeses and Sweet Kisses

5 Sep

Paul, Justin and I went on a bike ride the other day.  We had our hearts set on Skaneateles for some Doug’s Fish Fry – but didn’t want to get stuck biking on Rt 20 in the dark so we settled for Reeses.  Besides me losing the guys for a good 20 minutes without a cellphone, it was a good ride!  They ate burgers, I had a chicken sandwich then we got some icecream for the way home. We had gone 10 miles before – but for some reason this time was a lot harder for me.  Paul thought it was easy peasy but my legs were aching later that night!  Guess this was a wake up call.


Then we came home to this munchin..

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