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What a small world

14 Nov

Laura’s friend Carolyn got married yesterday and a few weekends ago I went to her bachelorette party!  Here are all the girls (minus Tanya) at the wine festival – Brittany, Samantha, Carolyn, Denise, Laura and I.

 (Who knew in Florida you still wore boots, jackets and scarves in the Fall?! I was clueless and obviously very under dressed. : )

The Bride To Be!

After the festival we went to a club in Tampa!  We found out there was a bachelor party going on too which explained all of the guys in white hats..

So the club was split into three different rooms.. and I just happened to see my friend Caitlind a few feet away from us! I flipped out when I saw her..  We went to middle school together when I lived in New Hampshire!  She was one of my really good friends.

What a small world – right?

 Congratulations Carolyn!


Dancing in the dark

3 Oct

To celebrate Julie and Derb’s birthdays we went to a dance club at the Turning Stone Casino called Lava! The girls went for a 50’s themed outfit while Pauly and Kev tried to reenact the Sandlot. (He even bought PF Flyers!) While the ladies got ready the guys tried their luck with the casino – then we all met up for dinner afterwards and headed to the club – it was a really fun night out!

Britt, Julie, Vicki, Derbs, Tina and I..



Ducks & Dancing Babies

8 Jul


26 Oct

We’ve been to a few birthday parties for family lately but we keep forgetting to blog about them.  Paul’s nephew Lucas turned 1 in September..it was a pizza party and he was the chef!

Aunt Julie and Zoey.

She made an awesome birthday cake that looked like a pizza!

A few weeks later we went to the House of Bounce for Julie’s birthday.

It was a building filled with a bunch of different bouncy houses!

The kids had a blast.

You can see more pics on Julie’s blog.

The weekend before Julie’s bday all the girls went to Syracuse for a salsa lesson to celebrate!

Bridget, Julie, Me, Jenn and Vicki.

The most recent birthday party was for Paul’s cousin Jacob who turned 2!

Paul, his mom Marcie and Zoey.

Blowin’ out the candle – his face is priceless!

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