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Football Game + Muddy Field = Messy Baby

7 Oct

My little bro Connor and Zo in the parking lot before Devon’s game – she loves her uncles.


Dev rockin #28

Taking Zo to see the massive amount of seagulls..


Go Auburn!

Zo was loving the soggy wet fields.. she spent the entire game running through them – stopping only to pretend the ground was a trampoline and jumping into the mud puddles butt first.

When she wanted to be held afterwards Paul would say “Thanks for takin’ one for the team babe!” This is a horrible pic of me – but I love those snuggles – mud and all.

Con got a little mud on him too from playin’ catch..

But that was nothing compared to Dev after the game! Good job Devy!


The end of baseball

9 Jul

It was really fun taking Zoey to watch Dev play baseball this year.  She would either be tranfixed by the pitcher throwing the ball, laughing with Con, trying to get out of our reach to hold on to the fence, or snuggling with my Mom.  Dev had an awesome season and we can’t wait to watch him play again next year!

Boxes and baseball

1 May

Yesterday we helped Dave and Kristine move into their new house! Before the camera was misplaced we got some of Zo helping me pack up the kitchen..

Then we went to Dev’s first baseball game.  He did awesome – right when we got there he hit a triple!

Dev and Con’s Baptism

7 Apr

She loves them.

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