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365 days around the sun

28 Jul

Every time I write a post about Zoey getting older I can’t help myself by being cliché and saying that I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by!  Her 1 year doctor’s visit was this afternoon – she’s still in the 95th percentile for height and 50th for weight.  Her thumb was pricked and it seriously broke my heart having to hold her while she screamed, tears pouring down her cheeks  and not being able to help! Then she had three shots in her little thighs.. these kind of doctor visits are the worst!  Although it did make me happy to hear that she’s still a super healthy little girl : )

She still gives big (open-mouthed) kisses and hugs – but these days they’re especially to her friend Brayden, little boy cousins Ian & James and of course her Daddy.   Lately she’s been getting upset when Paul leaves in the mornings for work – and when he gets home she gives him kiss after kiss after kiss.  It’s seriously the sweetest thing.   We paint and color almost every morning with Olivia and Luc – and when she’s not trying to eat the crayons she does her best to copy her older cousins. It’s pretty cute to watch..


Her vocabulary includes- Mama, Daddy (pronounced Da-Deee) Eye, Hi-eee, and my favorite.. Uh-oh!  She points to Tanner and says Daaa for Dog and says Ba for Ball – but she hasn’t gotten the consonants down just yet.  She says Ah-Ah-Ah for a monkey and says Raaa when she’s mimicking a Lion or a Car.  : )

Her favorite food is still pasta with meat sauce – but due to this super hot summer a new favorite of hers are popsicles!  


She screams at us when we try to take her out of the bathtub and has repeatedly tried to walk straight into the lake and off the pool ledge without us – she loves being in the water!  She’s dunked herself in purposely and when I frantically pick her up she’ll laugh – it’s a little scary how fearless she is..


She also loves being naked (doesn’t every baby?!) and proceeds to climb on everything – like chairs which explains these pictures..

She really is the sweetest little girl.  She likes to share whatever is in her hand at that moment – whether it’s her slobbery food or something she’s found exploring outside.  She also has six teeth right now and thinks that the reaction when she bites me is hilarious.. 


Lately when she’s super sleepy and wants to be cuddled she clings and pinches my skin – or if she wakes up really early and gets in bed with us – she falls back asleep gently pinching and if I try to move away she cries!  In a weird way I think it’s comforting to her.  You are one loved little girl Zoey Lynn!

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Four month visit!

1 Nov

Zoey had to get more shots at her 4 month doctor visit today.  : [  Paul had to work so my Mom came with!  Zoey’s 13 pounds 11 ounces and 26 inches long.  The doc said she’s still average for her weight but very long – and that she’s a healthy baby! 

 We left our camera at Zoey’s Nona’s house but we’ll post pics from yesterday soon!  Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!

Two month visit..

30 Aug

You would never know this happy girl had to get four shots today.  She weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces and is 24 inches long!  The doc said her length is in the 95th percentile..so we’re thinking she’s gonna be tall like her Daddy.

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