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Summer Summer Summertime..

2 Jul

So we didn’t waste anytime getting out and teaching Zoey how to thoroughly enjoy summer! First we went for a walk down to Hoops Park with Julie, Olive, Lucas and the Szozdas.

Olivia and Julie feeding the ducks.

We were trying to feed the baby ducks, while Tanner was trying to make sure none of them came near us.

Baby Ducks!

The Szozdas.

Then Nona and Grampy stopped by and we decided to go over to their house to splash around in the pool for the rest of the day.

They told Meg and I that they stopped over to to see us but we know who they really came to see.

Julie and Lucas.

Olivia pretending to be a spider.

[Great] Grampa Clay finally got back from Europe and came right over to meet Zoey!

Zoey and her Great Grandparents!

A couple days later we went on a picnic with the Szozdas to Fillmore Glenn.  The weather was really nice and we learned alot about Millard Fillmore, the 13th President and the United States and Moravia local.  So overall it was a pretty awesome trip!

The Szozdas.

The Carringtons.

We quickly decided that babies and slippery rocks dont go well together so the moms left the exploring up to the dads.

Tanner showing me how he fishes.

First we just poked around.

Then we conquered the slippery rocks under the water fall!


 Bonus Zoey Picture!

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