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Florida Aquarium.. Part 1?

2 Dec

While Mom and Paul were at work the first fews days before we left for the Bennett’s – Tom, Zoey and I found some fun things to do! Monday we went to the Florida Aquarium, back to Clearwater Beach then got home just in time to pick up the hard workers and head to Longhorn for dinner.

(When I first saw this picture I thought the mermaid had uneven cleavage..  But nope – just Zo’s hair!)



So.. I have more pictures of the aquarium and the beach but WordPress won’t let me upload any more until I pay for an upgrade! I didn’t realize there was a limited amount of space I could use when I first signed up.  Any advice?  Is it worth it to pay for an upgrade and stick with WordPress or should I transfer everything to Blogger? Or does Blogger make you pay once you reach your limit too?  Help!


Airfest 2011

17 Nov

A few weekends ago we went with Jonathan and Laura to the air show at the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.  I couldn’t believe how many people were there!  The lines to walk through each plane were insane.  When we actually got inside the pilot would tell us about their history – in one plane you could still see sand in the keyboards from being in Iraq just a few weeks beforehand. There were tents filled with special warfare that the guys had fun ogling over too, and the actual air show was amazing. I have so many pictures from the day but here are a few!


You could tell Zoey was a little nervous at first from all of the loud noise, but then she was in awe every time a plane flew by.


Waiting in line to sit in the helicopter Zoey wouldn’t leave this poor kid alone..

Definitely wasn’t expecting that last plane..



What a small world

14 Nov

Laura’s friend Carolyn got married yesterday and a few weekends ago I went to her bachelorette party!  Here are all the girls (minus Tanya) at the wine festival – Brittany, Samantha, Carolyn, Denise, Laura and I.

 (Who knew in Florida you still wore boots, jackets and scarves in the Fall?! I was clueless and obviously very under dressed. : )

The Bride To Be!

After the festival we went to a club in Tampa!  We found out there was a bachelor party going on too which explained all of the guys in white hats..

So the club was split into three different rooms.. and I just happened to see my friend Caitlind a few feet away from us! I flipped out when I saw her..  We went to middle school together when I lived in New Hampshire!  She was one of my really good friends.

What a small world – right?

 Congratulations Carolyn!

Sims Park

8 Nov

We’ve been trying to find nearby places where Zo can play outside – and found Sims Park!  It reminded me of the wooden one I used to play at when I lived in New Hampshire – and Hoopes Park back at home because of its path surrounding a pond with a fountain.  Zoey loved crawling in the little tunnels, the tire swing and the slides – but I think most of all she loved just climbing up and down the many wooden stairs and “towers”.  I think we’ll go back soon..


(It really bothers me her buckle was too low but it was too cute not to share!)

Trick or Treat!

7 Nov

Sorry this post is a week late! This year Halloween was definitely different – last year we didn’t get to go trick or treating but were able to show Zo off to the family – whereas this year we were far from home but Zo was old enough to trick or treat!


Zoey was definitely a little hesitant at first – but once she realized she got candy at each house she was all for it! We had to take her hand out of the bowls because she just kept grabbing more and more.  She was amazed by all of the kids dressed up too – we had to pick her up and move out of the way a few times because she would just stand in the middle of the sidewalk and stare up at everyone.  Here’s a few pictures of our night!

Daddy’s Work

1 Nov

The first weekend in Florida we spent a little time exploring, located the nearest Target for some new apartment shopping and visited Daddy’s work.  It was nice to see where Paul would be spending his afternoons – and it was fun watching Zoey see a palm tree for the first time – she was pretty impressed.

We asked a stranger for directions to the nearest beach and just barely witnessed the sunset on the Gulf..

Then we took Tan for a walk and just hung around the new place – Zo is obsessed with opening the doors now because of the easy handles.  She’s very proud of herself and we think it’s pretty cute..

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From New York to Florida

23 Oct

Here’s a little bit of our long drive to Florida – a lot of rest stops, mini naps, movies and books to keep Zo content! She only had one major meltdown around bedtime after driving 11 hours – overall I think it was a good trip!  Here’s Zoey and Tanner before we left New York.




We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner in Virginia – it was a must after Paul’s Grandparents gave us a Cracker Barrel Map!



We drove through North & part of South Carolina before we decided to call it quits and get a few hours rest at 3am.  The next morning we reached Georgia – stopped for lunch in Florida (hence the ketchup on Zo’s nose and no pants..) then reached New Port Richey later that day!



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