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Red Lobster

4 Nov

..was obviously a success!  Along with the endless amount of shrimp Paul and Jonathan ordered – was the ketchup and ranch dressing we gave Zoey to dip her food (and all of ours) in.  Which of course ended up in her hair, all over her face, her clothes, our clothes, the seat cushion, floor.. I could go on and on.

She’s a crazy one – and we love it.


Would you like a bagel with your cream cheese?

8 Oct

Zoey loves cream cheese. Every time we give her a bagel she will lick, scrape and pick the cream cheese off first! But hey at least she eats the bagel after right?


“Really Mom?!”


“Mmm that was good.. now what else can I eat?”


Zoobie loves blackberries

12 Jun

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