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One Last Hoorah

18 Oct

Our friends Bobby and Mark hosted a going away party for us a few weekends ago.  Although our leaving seemed so far away at the time – writing this post we only have 3 days left and it’s really sinking in.  It was such a fun night getting to see so many familiar faces and getting a little wild one last time with all of our friends.  We’re really going to miss everyone!

Britt and I being sappy

Paul and his sis Julie

Linds and I

A few of the girls – Shannon, Julie, Derbs and Monique

Best surprise ever! Two of my girlfriends from college – Britt and Theresa

Theresa and Bobby

Monique and I at Curly’s at the end of the night..



Eight kids and finger paint in one room – what were we thinking?!

14 Oct

The Szozda’s hosted a Pumpkin Painting Party for the kids this week!  It was a crazy house filled with screaming, laughter and sounds of toys – and it was a blast!  It was so funny to watch all of them interact with each other – besides the  jealousy over a few toys – they played so well together.  Painting the pumpkins was pretty messy – but nothing a turn in the sink couldn’t fix.  They loved it!

Here’s Kev & Brayd – and Derb’s cute kids Landon & Maeve


Britt showin’ off her awesome Halloween dessert skills


Our Fam..


Sam and Olive reading a college textbook and Dr. Spock.. (they crack me up) and little James and Lucas below


The kids loved the mummy finger food.. (almost as much as Kev)


The Gang minus Britt



They really loved the chocolate pudding..


Tim’s Pumpkin Patch

13 Oct

Last Saturday we went to pick some pumpkins with the Moshatys and the Szozdas.  It was a lot of fun – especially for the kids.  Zoey loved all of the dogs running around, Brayden loved the hay maze, James loved riding in the wheelbarrow and Sam loved helping pick everyone out the best pumpkins.  After they were all paid for – Monique surprised us with plates full of apple fritters (a first and new favorite of mine) then we stopped at Johnny Angel’s for dinner!  It was a great day..



The littles


The Moshatys


The Szozdas


Our fam – plus Sam  : )


Searching for the perfect pumpkin.. (or the lightest)




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Best friends or future boyfriends?!

8 Feb

Zoey and James

Zoey and Brayden

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