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Trick or Treat!

7 Nov

Sorry this post is a week late! This year Halloween was definitely different – last year we didn’t get to go trick or treating but were able to show Zo off to the family – whereas this year we were far from home but Zo was old enough to trick or treat!


Zoey was definitely a little hesitant at first – but once she realized she got candy at each house she was all for it! We had to take her hand out of the bowls because she just kept grabbing more and more.  She was amazed by all of the kids dressed up too – we had to pick her up and move out of the way a few times because she would just stand in the middle of the sidewalk and stare up at everyone.  Here’s a few pictures of our night!


The Lowry Park Zoo Boo

3 Nov

Last weekend we went to the Zoo with Paul’s buddy from work Jonathan and his girlfriend Laura!  I was sobbing to Paul the night before about how we could have taken Zoey to Zoo Boo like last year if we were home (totally dramatic of me I know) so when Jonathan and Laura mentioned there was one in Tampa they wanted to go to I was so excited!

Here’s Zo and I waiting in line – I loved her little witch costume..

The walkways were decorated to the nines with stringed Halloween lights and blow up ghosts and pumpkins, there were two haunted houses, a 3D creepy trapped in time walk through, a kiddie roller coaster and a huge bouncy house kid area – even the bug tanks had spooky decorations! It was pretty cool.

Most of the animal paths were blocked off – but we did get to pet the stingrays, see the manatees and take a peek at a few creepy bugs.  Here’s Jonathan and Laura at Stingray Bay..

We didn’t get there til after 8 – and tired little Zo did awesome. She even kept her witch hat on the whole night!  (besides it falling off when she ran around like a mad woman) Super weird for a kid who hates wearing hats – she still puts it on at home!

Thanks Jonathan and Laura for showing us that just because things here are different from home they can still be fun!

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Here’s a little sneak peek of Zoobie’s costume..

(taken after we got home from Zoo Boo last weekend)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Eight kids and finger paint in one room – what were we thinking?!

14 Oct

The Szozda’s hosted a Pumpkin Painting Party for the kids this week!  It was a crazy house filled with screaming, laughter and sounds of toys – and it was a blast!  It was so funny to watch all of them interact with each other – besides the  jealousy over a few toys – they played so well together.  Painting the pumpkins was pretty messy – but nothing a turn in the sink couldn’t fix.  They loved it!

Here’s Kev & Brayd – and Derb’s cute kids Landon & Maeve


Britt showin’ off her awesome Halloween dessert skills


Our Fam..


Sam and Olive reading a college textbook and Dr. Spock.. (they crack me up) and little James and Lucas below


The kids loved the mummy finger food.. (almost as much as Kev)


The Gang minus Britt



They really loved the chocolate pudding..


Pink Dinosaur

7 Nov

Our Halloween this year was pretty low key.  We were planning on taking Zoey trick or treating, but it was super cold out and ended up snowing!  Instead we ate dinner at my Mom’s, went to Paul’s Parent’s house, and then had the Szozdas over to watch scary movies. 

Zoey and Gangster Dev

I loved her costume.

Nana wanted her to help pass out candy.. but she fell asleep instead.

So cute.

Dad and Zoey.

 Zoey and Nona.

Zoo Boo

26 Oct

Last Friday Connor, Zoey and I went with the Shaws to Zoo Boo.  We were looking forward to seeing the animals at night.. but when we got there most of the paths were blocked off and all of the animals were inside!  It was still fun to see a spooky zoo and watch the kids dance and play games.

Julie, Connor, Olive, Lucas and Steve.

My little Pumpkin and I.

Olivia dancin’  (For some reason Aqua and the soundtrack to Glee was playing.  I wasn’t complaining..)

Jenn and her two kids met us there too!   This is her and her son Landon.

Her daughter Maeve was born a week after Zoey!  She is so cute..

Olive showin’ off her face painting.

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