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Trick or Treat!

7 Nov

Sorry this post is a week late! This year Halloween was definitely different – last year we didn’t get to go trick or treating but were able to show Zo off to the family – whereas this year we were far from home but Zo was old enough to trick or treat!


Zoey was definitely a little hesitant at first – but once she realized she got candy at each house she was all for it! We had to take her hand out of the bowls because she just kept grabbing more and more.  She was amazed by all of the kids dressed up too – we had to pick her up and move out of the way a few times because she would just stand in the middle of the sidewalk and stare up at everyone.  Here’s a few pictures of our night!


Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Here’s a little sneak peek of Zoobie’s costume..

(taken after we got home from Zoo Boo last weekend)

Happy Halloween everyone!

The Fourth

9 Jul

We started off our July 4th at Marcellus Park.  Paul and Kevin let the babies play while Britt and I ran a 5k to benefit Ovarian Cancer.  It was called Teal There’s A Cure!

Then we went to the Tierney’s for swimming, a cookout, and fireworks! (put on by all the guys)

I loved her July4th outfit.. thanks Ame!

Good thing bright colors are in this season..  : )

The Moshatys came over to swim too!

After the pool more family and friends came over to eat – Brayden, Jacob and Zo enjoying some watermelon..

Grampa got the Razor out and let everyone take a ride.

The day before we spent time at the lake soaking in the sun, swimming and playing badminton!

Then we  went back into town for some Wegmans Subs and fireworks by the lake!

Back on Father’s Day..

9 Jul

..we did a lot of relaxing and hangin’ out with family.  We went swimming at Nona’s then hung out at Dave and Kristine’s!

A little stuck..

I like to think this is Zo giving Paul ‘tude for taking a pic instead of helpin her out..

Zo and Grampa watchin the boys play football

Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

I can remember our late night talks – feeling Zoey kick away in my belly as we try to envision what she’ll look like a few months ahead.  On June 22, 2010 she came into our lives and everything changed.  We dove into parenthood full of love for this little girl and from the very beginning Paul has been such an amazing dad.  The bond between father and daughter is so special and I love watching it grow stronger every day.  The happiness that comes with family is truly indescribable – I cannot imagine a life without these two.

Happy First Father’s Day Paul – we love you!

Memorial Day

5 Jun

Our friend Jenn planned a wine tour for everyone on Memorial Day!  It was really fun – this is all of us at Wagner Vineyards – Steve, Julie, Vicki, Britt, Kevin, Paul, Me, Bob, a pretend Damon, Jenn, Bridget, Bill and Tina!

Happy Mother’s Day!

8 May

Today we went to Mother’s Day Brunch with the Szozda’s, hung out with my Mom and the boys, ate dinner at the Tierney’s and ended the day at Marcellus Park!

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