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Playing Ralph and Alice Kramden..

26 Mar

We’re happily married! [8days and going strong!] Hopefully we’ll have the wedding pictures from the photographer sooooon, but since we don’t we’ll just skip right to the honeymoon pictures..

 We had a two hour layover in Charlotte NC, so we did what everyone does and tried on astronaut outfits in a shop..

Finally, after Mrs. Carrington had withstood an embarassing 2 hour hangman beatdown we landed in West Palm Beach Fl..

Then we went straight to the beach to work on our sunburns for the rest of the day.. [you’ll see later]

The much anticipated baby belly photo!


The next morning we had breakfast by the beach. Is fried chicken and waffles considered a well balanced breakfast?

Then we went out to explore the town. We found an awesome view in the middle of a big loong bridge..

Then we got yelled at for lollygagging while they were trying to raise the bridge for a sailboat.. Oops

We found either a portal to a parallel universe, or just a really big random mirror on the side of the road..

And some of the trees from Fern Gully!

We finally ended up at City Place.  It’s a giant outdoor shopping plaza that was made to resemble a european town.  It had a live band playing in the commons and had tons of really unique shops and restaurants.  Very rad..

We ate dinner at BB Kings Blues Club and went to see Alice in Wonderland in Imax 3d, but while taking goofy pictures of ourselves with huge 3d sunglasses on we realized something..

We look like lobsters!

 The rest of our trip was spent relaxing on the beach [with sunscreen this time] and exploring.  All in all it was very awesome and we definitely didn’t want to come home to cold gloomy New York.. However we did get to take a little bit of Florida back with us..

Unfortunately its was just very pealy shoulders and faces..!

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