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Wordless Wednesday

3 Aug








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Another great day

25 Jul

After Paul got home from work today we headed straight for the lake – and arrived just in time for tubing! 

Pauly, Mike, Devon, Connor, Anthony and little Ian all rotated in..

While Parker, Zoey and I stayed in the boat and laughed at all their wipe outs.. 


We ate delicious ribs for dinner, watched Zo run around with Ian (he is so good with her!) and she was asleep before we left Gramma’s driveway.. 


Lake Lovin’

22 Jul

We’ve been going to the lake a lot lately to hang out with all the cousins!  I still haven’t picked up a new camera charger so I had to steal some pics from Ash’s blog  : )

Gramma and Grampa


The grandkids.. 


They have so much fun together.. 


Zo hugging James – although I’m pretty sure she tackled him first..

Ash with Victoria and Dallas..


Ian is the craziest five year old I’ve ever seen!

Zo really hates wearing a life-jacket – but once the boat starts moving she usually gives in by watching the tubers or falling asleep on me.. 

Amy with the littles..

Connor (&  Ian)  learned how to kneeboard!

The Fourth

9 Jul

We started off our July 4th at Marcellus Park.  Paul and Kevin let the babies play while Britt and I ran a 5k to benefit Ovarian Cancer.  It was called Teal There’s A Cure!

Then we went to the Tierney’s for swimming, a cookout, and fireworks! (put on by all the guys)

I loved her July4th outfit.. thanks Ame!

Good thing bright colors are in this season..  : )

The Moshatys came over to swim too!

After the pool more family and friends came over to eat – Brayden, Jacob and Zo enjoying some watermelon..

Grampa got the Razor out and let everyone take a ride.

The day before we spent time at the lake soaking in the sun, swimming and playing badminton!

Then we  went back into town for some Wegmans Subs and fireworks by the lake!

School started this week..

2 Sep

..which means Summer has officially ended.  Unfortunately it’s back to studying and work.  Looking back on this Summer – it really has been the best yet.  Zoey was born in June, a ton of family came to visit in July, and our reception was in August!  It was so much fun getting to spend so much time with family and friends. 

I wish we hadn’t lost our camera for so long.. but these are the few good ones we have of the lake.

Daddy swingin’ with Zo.

Jamesy and his backpack on the boat.

Park playin with the puppy.

Boys bein’ boys.

Mini Alfalfa?

Ash, Ame, Zo and I.

Along with the end of Summer came the return of Elly!  She had been in Cuba and Mexico, and Zoey and I had the chance to go to her Welcome Home party.  I was so so happy that she could meet Zo before she had to go back to college.

 She brought back the cutest little dress and mirror for Zoey.  Thank you so much El!

Before Summer ended Justin and Monique had their baby!  His name is James Azlyn Moshaty born August 26th.  He is so little and sweet! 

Justin and James.

Zoey’s new BFF.  (They’re only 2 months apart!)

The proud Daddies.

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