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From New York to Florida

23 Oct

Here’s a little bit of our long drive to Florida – a lot of rest stops, mini naps, movies and books to keep Zo content! She only had one major meltdown around bedtime after driving 11 hours – overall I think it was a good trip!  Here’s Zoey and Tanner before we left New York.




We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner in Virginia – it was a must after Paul’s Grandparents gave us a Cracker Barrel Map!



We drove through North & part of South Carolina before we decided to call it quits and get a few hours rest at 3am.  The next morning we reached Georgia – stopped for lunch in Florida (hence the ketchup on Zo’s nose and no pants..) then reached New Port Richey later that day!




Wordless(ish) Wednesday – An encounter with a caterpillar

5 Oct

Zoey was so mesmerized by the green bug that Gramma put on her leaf – she brought it over and just kept looking at the caterpillar then back at us over and over again – as if she was thinking “What is this thing!?” We’re really going to miss coming to Gramma and Grampa’s lake house..

And a Florida update – We finally got the call yesterday!  We got approved for the apartment we applied for in New Port Richey! It was such a relief to hear the news.. we were just starting to worry and brainstorm what other places we could apply for.  It’s a two bedroom place located just ten minutes from Paul’s work and it has a dog park too which I think will really help out with Tanner.  So happy to have this checked off our list!

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It’s Official!

27 Sep

We are moving to Florida!  The offer letter has been signed, the notice has been put in, and applications for places to live are being faxed over.  If everything goes as planned – we will be on the road October 22nd!  It’s been a long process and it all became so real for me today.  Close family and friends know – but for those of you who haven’t heard the news – Paul got a job with Brookline Development Company as a property manager down in New Port Richey, Florida.  There are 12 buildings the company leases out that Paul will be in charge of – 8 in one complex and 4 down the street.  The buildings are occupied by a variety of people – from the sheriff’s office and the DOC to restaurants and various health care companies.  He’s really excited to be starting a new career in something he’s truly interested in.  It’s a huge decision and a big move – but we feel that it’s a great opportunity and the right thing to do for our family.  We are going to miss everyone terribly and the move is going to be challenging – but we do believe that it will bring positive experiences, new opportunities and hopefully a few visits from friends and family.  : )

Boxes and baseball

1 May

Yesterday we helped Dave and Kristine move into their new house! Before the camera was misplaced we got some of Zo helping me pack up the kitchen..

Then we went to Dev’s first baseball game.  He did awesome – right when we got there he hit a triple!


10 Feb

Our lives these days seem to keep getting busier and busier so we decided to start a blog to keep everyone up to pace..

1. We’re engaged!! [very happily we might add! But no, we haven’t set a date yet.]

2. We’re having a baby girl!! We’re 98 percent sure we want to name her Dakota Lynn, but if you know us at all you’re aware that making decisions is not our strong suit so we’ll see if it sticks.

3. We just signed a lease on an apartment!!  It’s a two bedroom apartment on Burt Avenue which is between South Street and Lake Ave. We love the house and we really love the neighborhood.  We can’t wait to start moving our things in March and making it a home!

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