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Sims Park

8 Nov

We’ve been trying to find nearby places where Zo can play outside – and found Sims Park!  It reminded me of the wooden one I used to play at when I lived in New Hampshire – and Hoopes Park back at home because of its path surrounding a pond with a fountain.  Zoey loved crawling in the little tunnels, the tire swing and the slides – but I think most of all she loved just climbing up and down the many wooden stairs and “towers”.  I think we’ll go back soon..


(It really bothers me her buckle was too low but it was too cute not to share!)


A perfect day for the park

4 Sep

Connor and I took the littles to the park earlier this week – he is so good with them!  Olive kept calling him her bestfriend – then when she was talking to a kid by the swings she referred to Con as her husband.  Luc wanted to do everything he did – and would let Con help him around the playground when he wouldn’t let me.  And of course Zo loves him – he’s always been the one she gives kisses to when no one else can get one.  He’s such a good uncle.  Liv and Luc had been at Disneyworld for a while so it was really nice to be able to see them everyday and get back into the swing of babysitting.  We missed them!








California Adventure

18 Mar


18 Mar

Zoey snoozed through her first ride on The Jungle Cruise..

 And then through a few more..

Adorable Dallas hangin’ out..

 Tomorrowland had one of our favorite rides..

Zo loved the spinning tea cups..

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