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A Sunny Day

24 Aug

Yesterday we went on a bike ride with my brothers then went swimming at Nona’s pool.  With school starting up again next week, it made me a little sad to think these could be the last warm and sunny days of Summer..

These videos are pretty short – but we couldn’t believe how fearless Zo was jumping in and how well she was doing with the floaties on!  I already can’t wait to see how she does with a little more strength and experience  in the water next year.


Fourth of July – Discovery Farm

21 Jul

We haven’t blogged in a while so here is a little catch up!

Our Fourth of July started off with a bang.. Unfortunately that bang was a bird slamming into our kitchen window.  Afterward he just stood there for a while and eventually hopped away.  WE MISS YOU LARRY!

 Me and Larry Bird.

 There’s nothing more american than taco dip right?

Kev and Brayden.

Britt and Brayden.

I told Cory and George to give me their best American pose..


Momma and Zoey.

Lucas loves popsicles.

Then is was 1000 degrees out for a couple of days so we spent alot of time out by the pool.

Britt and Brayden.


Even Tanner couldn’t resist.

Zoey just slept the days away.

Then we went to the On the Farm Discovery Center near Skaneateles and then to the Curbstone Festival.


We saw chickens..

A brand new baby cow.


Olive feeding the sheep.

A crazy bunny!

The Carringtons first farm visit.


Lucas and Olive in the saddle.

As usual Zoey slept through it all.

We stopped at the Annual Curbstone Festival in Skaneateles on our way back through and Olive got a balloon hat.

Unfortunately it didn’t fit.

As soon as we finally found a parking spots and Olive got her balloon hat it instantly started to downpour/hail!  We split up to run back to our cars but The Shaws didn’t make it back to theirs.

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