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Television – It’s consuming me!

10 Nov

So when we lived in NY we canceled our cable because we never watched it – any show we liked we could watch online!  Well in our new place down here we got a discount on cable so we thought – why not?

Holy crap. I have found so many new shows – and because I’m like six episodes behind in most – I’ve found myself staying up hours after Zo and Paul go to sleep catching up on them!

That’s twelve shows that I try to keep up with now! I was used to only watching three online – if that! Is this normal – because I’m feeling a little TV crazy and think I might need to ditch a few..

How many shows do you watch?


Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Best Friends

2 Nov

I’ve been getting a little sentimental lately – I know this move has been hard on Paul and I – but what has it been like for our little one?  Does she think this is just a vacation away from home?  She seems happy here – she’s still our bubbly, smiley Zoey – but in New York she had little cousins and her best friends to play with all the time.  She must miss everyone.  And I mean how advanced is a toddler’s memory – will she remember everyone’s faces when we return?  I’ve been looking through pictures to blow up and put into a photo album so she can put a face with the name.  I really think it would help.. On the other hand – is this just me putting my own feelings on Zoey?  I miss home.  It’s hard not knowing when we’ll be back to visit – with no purchased plane ticket or road trip planned.  Deep down I think I’m worried people will forget about us.  It’s only been two weeks – does this homesickness get any easier?

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