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Wordless Wednesday: My Everything

9 Nov

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Best Friends

2 Nov

I’ve been getting a little sentimental lately – I know this move has been hard on Paul and I – but what has it been like for our little one?  Does she think this is just a vacation away from home?  She seems happy here – she’s still our bubbly, smiley Zoey – but in New York she had little cousins and her best friends to play with all the time.  She must miss everyone.  And I mean how advanced is a toddler’s memory – will she remember everyone’s faces when we return?  I’ve been looking through pictures to blow up and put into a photo album so she can put a face with the name.  I really think it would help.. On the other hand – is this just me putting my own feelings on Zoey?  I miss home.  It’s hard not knowing when we’ll be back to visit – with no purchased plane ticket or road trip planned.  Deep down I think I’m worried people will forget about us.  It’s only been two weeks – does this homesickness get any easier?

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Snoozin’ Zoobie

12 Oct

We had a movie night at the Szozda’s this Sunday (has anyone seen Limitless? we liked it so much we watched it again just so they’d see it) and when I went upstairs to check on Zoey mid-movie I found her like this!  Just chillin’  : )

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday – An encounter with a caterpillar

5 Oct

Zoey was so mesmerized by the green bug that Gramma put on her leaf – she brought it over and just kept looking at the caterpillar then back at us over and over again – as if she was thinking “What is this thing!?” We’re really going to miss coming to Gramma and Grampa’s lake house..

And a Florida update – We finally got the call yesterday!  We got approved for the apartment we applied for in New Port Richey! It was such a relief to hear the news.. we were just starting to worry and brainstorm what other places we could apply for.  It’s a two bedroom place located just ten minutes from Paul’s work and it has a dog park too which I think will really help out with Tanner.  So happy to have this checked off our list!

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday – Cami Lou & I

17 Aug

Paul found this photo of Cami and I hanging up at my grandparents house and couldn’t resist taking a picture..

Here we are years later at Cami’s baby shower this summer..

I am so excited for Cami to have her baby in October!  Her and Mike live in Texas so it was so much fun to be able to spend time with them this summer and celebrate their soon-to-arrive baby boy.  Seriously – Cami has the cutest baby belly I’ve ever seen!  Love you Lou!

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Wordless Wednesday

3 Aug








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