What a small world

14 Nov

Laura’s friend Carolyn got married yesterday and a few weekends ago I went to her bachelorette party!  Here are all the girls (minus Tanya) at the wine festival – Brittany, Samantha, Carolyn, Denise, Laura and I.

 (Who knew in Florida you still wore boots, jackets and scarves in the Fall?! I was clueless and obviously very under dressed. : )

The Bride To Be!

After the festival we went to a club in Tampa!  We found out there was a bachelor party going on too which explained all of the guys in white hats..

So the club was split into three different rooms.. and I just happened to see my friend Caitlind a few feet away from us! I flipped out when I saw her..  We went to middle school together when I lived in New Hampshire!  She was one of my really good friends.

What a small world – right?

 Congratulations Carolyn!


One Response to “What a small world”

  1. Lindsey November 14, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    Wow! That is a small world!

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