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Sims Park

8 Nov

We’ve been trying to find nearby places where Zo can play outside – and found Sims Park!  It reminded me of the wooden one I used to play at when I lived in New Hampshire – and Hoopes Park back at home because of its path surrounding a pond with a fountain.  Zoey loved crawling in the little tunnels, the tire swing and the slides – but I think most of all she loved just climbing up and down the many wooden stairs and “towers”.  I think we’ll go back soon..


(It really bothers me her buckle was too low but it was too cute not to share!)


Red Lobster

4 Nov

..was obviously a success!  Along with the endless amount of shrimp Paul and Jonathan ordered – was the ketchup and ranch dressing we gave Zoey to dip her food (and all of ours) in.  Which of course ended up in her hair, all over her face, her clothes, our clothes, the seat cushion, floor.. I could go on and on.

She’s a crazy one – and we love it.

Daddy’s Work

1 Nov

The first weekend in Florida we spent a little time exploring, located the nearest Target for some new apartment shopping and visited Daddy’s work.  It was nice to see where Paul would be spending his afternoons – and it was fun watching Zoey see a palm tree for the first time – she was pretty impressed.

We asked a stranger for directions to the nearest beach and just barely witnessed the sunset on the Gulf..

Then we took Tan for a walk and just hung around the new place – Zo is obsessed with opening the doors now because of the easy handles.  She’s very proud of herself and we think it’s pretty cute..

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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Here’s a little sneak peek of Zoobie’s costume..

(taken after we got home from Zoo Boo last weekend)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Zoey’s new ‘do!

30 Oct

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Snoozin’ Zoobie

12 Oct

We had a movie night at the Szozda’s this Sunday (has anyone seen Limitless? we liked it so much we watched it again just so they’d see it) and when I went upstairs to check on Zoey mid-movie I found her like this!  Just chillin’  : )

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Baby bedhead and a few words

7 Sep

Who doesn’t love an Alfalfa do?

Zo’s been trying to say a lot more lately – she says “Nana” for Nona&Nana, Upstairs pronounced “Up-aaay” and “Out”.  The sweetest one is “Day-ouuu” when she says Thank you.  I’m so proud of her – I still can’t wrap my head around how fast she’s growing.  She’s understanding more and more every day and it’s so exciting to watch. 

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