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Daddy’s Work

1 Nov

The first weekend in Florida we spent a little time exploring, located the nearest Target for some new apartment shopping and visited Daddy’s work.  It was nice to see where Paul would be spending his afternoons – and it was fun watching Zoey see a palm tree for the first time – she was pretty impressed.

We asked a stranger for directions to the nearest beach and just barely witnessed the sunset on the Gulf..

Then we took Tan for a walk and just hung around the new place – Zo is obsessed with opening the doors now because of the easy handles.  She’s very proud of herself and we think it’s pretty cute..

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16 Mar

We don’t have internet at our new apartment yet so keeping everyone updated hasn’t been going as planned.. We have a few bombshells to drop as well as a couple pictures to help get you up to pace. The first big piece of news is that we’re very happy to announce we’ve decided to bump the wedding up, to this Thursday..! We were originally planning on getting married in late May but we felt that a small ceremony now followed by a reception later this summer was the best way to do it. Our wedding date is March 18 and the reception is tenatively planned for the first weekend in August!

The other bombshell we have is that I grew a mustache! [but Meg made me get rid of it]

Let the catching up begin! Since the apartment was 50% yellow, 30% mustard yellow and 20% gross borders, we decided to paint the whole house before we moved our stuff in..


The day we finished painting we moved in our first box of things. Baby socks from Aunt Ashley! Which Olivia [Pauls niece] was very jealous of..

While we slowly started moving things in Tanner decided to take advantage of the process and made himself a new bed.. 

Whichs brings you up to the present.  We’re almost all moved in and our apartment is starting to look and feel more and more like a home everyday, we even broke in our new stoneware and cooked our first family dinner. [and by “we” I mean just Paul]

Chicken Braid.. It was delicious!

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