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Four months!

23 Oct

 Zoey’s been trying to stand up a lot lately.

She’s growing so fast.. she’s almost too big for her Moses Basket!

I caught her smilin’ in her sleep..


Three months!

26 Sep

Whenever we give an update about Zoey I feel like we always say she is just getting so big and the time’s going by so fast.. but it’s so true!  She’s three months this week and we can’t believe it.  These are some new things she has been doing lately..  She tries to talk to us with little “coos” – She sits and stares at the colors while we read books – She tries to grab at her toys and inch towards them – She rolls over – (Actually she only has three times.. but it’s a start!) – She can hold her head up while sitting up – She makes silly faces and funny noises with her tongue – And she puts herself to sleep by sucking on her thumb.  Luckily for us she sleeps almost 6 hours straight every night!

Trying to grab her toy..

Holding her head up while sitting up..

Sucking her thumb..

Making silly faces with her tongue..

Two Months!

22 Aug

Zoey is finally two months old! Wooooooohoo! We can’t believe how quickly these two months have gone by.  She’s already outgrown her newborn clothes and has started to be on a normal sleep schedule..  She only wakes up one or two times a night now and instead of sleeping all day she spends her time playing under her jungle mat or snuggling with whoever picks her up.  Recently she has become fascinated with the ceiling fan and looking at herself in mirrors.  

This is literally what she is like for the first three hours when she wakes up everday.. How did we have a baby that’s a morning person?!

We lost our camera again..

13 Aug

..so some cellphone pictures are going to have to do!  These are a few of my favorites since Zoey’s been born.

July 22, 2010 means..

22 Jul

Zoey’s 1 month old!  It seems only yesterday when we took her home from the hospital.  She’s already so strong – holding her head up longer and kickin’ her legs like crazy.  She’s the sweetest little thing and we love her so much.

Like Father like Daughter?

2 Jul


28 Jun

At 12:44pm on June 22nd Zoey Lynn Carrington was born!  She weighed a healthy 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. 

Mommy and Zoey finally meet!

Nona and Nana.

After Zoey got all cleaned up.

The happy new Daddy!

Our little pink catepillar.

Sticking her tongue out at Daddy.

Did we mention she has a crazy long tongue?

Mommy and Zoey.

Auntie Julie came to visit.

The Szozdas and Zoeys future husband Brayden.

Uncle Connor and Zoey.

Daddy and Zoey getting some sleep.

Dad of the year 2010!

Getting ready to finally leave the hospital!

She doesn’t quite fit into her car seat yet.

Drying off after her first bath at home.

Getting ready to snuggle with Dad after her bath.

Sleepin’ with Momma.

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